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AU-MIL-L - Military Light Aircraft

Military and State Aviation (comprises GAT and OAT); Light Aircraft

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Code Title IOC Related Elements Analysis
A/C-01b Aircraft capability to support Multiple Constellation / Multiple Frequency SBAS LPV 100 Analysis
A/C-39 Flight Management and Guidance for Adaptive Increased Glide Slope (A-IGS) 31-08-2023 Analysis
A/C-41 Flight Management and Guidance for Double Slope Approach 31-12-2029 Analysis
A/C-71 Aircraft Based Augmentation System (ABAS) for Military A/C Analysis
A/C-86 On-board assistance to aircraft energy management 31-08-2023 Analysis
A/C-87 On-board assistance to flare 31-08-2023 Analysis
CTE-S05 Gradual rationalisation of conventional surveillance infrastructure (ADS-B/WAM vs SSR and MSPSR vs PSR) 12-09-2018 Analysis
CTE-S06 Composite Surveillance Analysis
METEO-04c Generate and provide MET information relevant for Airport and approach related operations at short notice ('time to decision' between 3 minutes and 7days) including rotorcraft and RPAS 31-12-2026 Analysis
MIL-STD-01 Trajectory management and improved navigation Analysis
PRO-028 Procedures to support AOP-NOP collaborative process 31-12-2019 Analysis
PRO-030 Procedure to allow ARES reservation from country A to country B Analysis
PRO-201a Procedures linked to Improvement of Surveillance on the Manoeuvring Area on and around the Runway 31-12-2006 Analysis
PRO-246 Procedures for standardised response to Runway Status Lights 29-04-2021 Analysis
PRO-250 Rotorcraft procedures for IFR access to VFR FATOs 31-12-2020 Analysis
PRO-251 ATC Procedure to handle SNI IFR rotorcraft operations using PinS 31-12-2020 Analysis
STD-089 Standards for efficient curved arrival and departure operations in the TMA Analysis