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Essential Operational Changes

This 2020 edition of the European ATM Master Plan introduces nine new Essential Operational Changes top-down as nine essential “game changers”. They are shown here and they are triggering structural evolutions of the European ATM, that are required to deliver the SESAR vision, up to and including its phase C and the “digital European sky” enabling the delivery of the Single European Sky’s objective to implement “more sustainable and better performing aviation”. More...

The EOCs are not independent from each other. In particular, some of them are closely linked to delivering the en-route performance and have been driving the definition of the target architecture, while others bring the essential changes in the other parts of the system.

For learning more about the new Essential Operational Changes, the Chapter 4.2 of the European ATM Master Plan document refers.

Each EOC is supported by SESAR Deployment Scenarios containing solutions contributing to their achievement.

Select from the drop-down menu the Essential Operational Change. Hovering with the mouse over a Deployment Scenario will display further details on it, hovering over a timeline bar will show the associated dates.

U-space is an enabling framework including a set of new services along with specific procedures designed to support safe, efficient and secure access to airspace for large numbers of drones. U-space is therefore not to be considered as a defined volume of airspace, which is segregated and designated for the sole use of drones. U-space services will rely on a high level of digitalisation and automation of functions, whether on board the drone or an element of the ground-based environment. As such the implementation of new services is associated to airborne capabilities and adequate/qualified ground infrastructure. Complementary infrastructure may be required if the existing ATM infrastructure does not meet necessary requirements. U-space framework includes a safe, secure, clear and effective interface to manned aviation, ATM/ANS service providers and authorities. U-space is capable of ensuring the smooth operation of drones in all operating environments, and in all types of airspace. U-space operations will also enable national military airspace defence systems to react to any drone-related situations deemed critical to national security. U-space is developed and deployed in a more agile way using shorter lifecycles in which technologies are deployed as they get mature. This is materialised through 4 phases (U1, U2, U3, U4) which serve as a basis for the gradual deployment of services.

Deployment Scenario Timeline Solution Solution V3 Gate
1. In deployment phase: Key SESAR Solution
U-space U1 — foundation services
U1S-01 31-12-2017
U1S-02 31-12-2017
U1S-03 31-12-2017
2. In development phase: Key Solutions Approaching Maturity
U-space U2 — initial services
U2S-01 31-12-2022
U2S-02 31-12-2022
U2S-03 31-12-2022
U2S-04 31-12-2022
U2S-05 31-12-2022
U2S-06 31-12-2022
U2S-07 31-12-2022
U2S-08 31-12-2022
U2S-09 31-12-2022
U2S-10 31-12-2022
3. In development phase: Key R&D Activities
U-space U3 — advanced services
Not Available - To be defined when Solution reaches MP Category
2. In development phase: Key Solutions Approaching Maturity
U3S-01 31-12-2025
U3S-02 31-12-2025
U3S-03 31-12-2025
U3S-04 31-12-2025