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AU-MIL-W - Military Wing Operations Centre

Military and State Aviation (comprises GAT and OAT) Operations Centers ('equivalent' of AOC)

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Code Title IOC Related Elements Analysis
AAMS-01 Automated impact of Hazard Zones Analysis
AIMS-15 Aeronautical Information sub-system enhanced to be able to handle Dynamic Mobile Areas 31-12-2027 Analysis
AIMS-19b Aeronautical Information system is interfaced to receive and distribute aeronautical information electronically to military systems. 31-12-2024 Analysis
AIMS-22 Airspace management functions enhanced to provide airspace status information 31-12-2007 Analysis
AIMS-23 Enhanced digital data chain to ensure Aeronautical Information data provision to meet full 4D trajectory management requirements 31-12-2023 Analysis
AOC-ATM-10 Modification of AOC/WOC-ATM trajectory management system (or new systems) to allow quality of service requested by NOP for pre-flight trajectory with dynamic routing 31-12-2019 Analysis
AOC-ATM-13 Participating of the FOC/ WOC in the airport triggered CDM process 31-12-2020 Analysis
AOC-ATM-14 Upgrade of WOC system to handle improved OAT flight plans 31-12-2024 Analysis
AOC-ATM-15 Upgrade of Wing Ops System Technical Architecture to provide Military Mission Trajectory Services 31-12-2019 Analysis
AOC-ATM-20 Sharing of trajectory data between AOC/WOC and the ATM world using B2B web services 06-07-2018 Analysis
CTE-S06 Composite Surveillance Analysis
GGSWIM-11 ATM Information based on a common Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) 31-12-2012 Analysis
METEO-04c Generate and provide MET information relevant for Airport and approach related operations at short notice ('time to decision' between 3 minutes and 7days) including rotorcraft and RPAS 31-12-2026 Analysis
METEO-05c Generate and provide MET information relevant for TMA and En-route related operations at short notice ('time to decision' between 3 minutes and 7days), including for low-level IFR operations. 31-12-2026 Analysis
MIL-0103 Wing Operations Centre Mission Support System (including update/revision) of iMT 31-12-2027 Analysis
MIL-0104 Input of meteo data into the Wing Operations Centre Mission Support System 31-12-2029 Analysis
MIL-0105 CDM data integrated into the Wing Operations Centre Mission Support System 31-12-2027 Analysis
MIL-0106 Wing Operations Centre Mission Support System enhanced to support the CDM process 31-12-2027 Analysis
MIL-0107 Wing Operations Centre Mission Support System (including update/revision) of MT in Trajectory Based Operations environment 31-12-2029 Analysis
MIL-0108 Exchange of specific MT data (ARES description) in standard format 31-12-2027 Analysis
MIL-0501 Specifications for the interoperability of military ground systems with SWIM Analysis
MIL-0502 Upgrade of military ground systems to allow bi-directional exchanges with non-military IP networks 31-12-2020 Analysis
MIL-STD-03 Update of IFPS User Manual to include OAT Specificities in the Flight Plan (Improved OAT flight plan) Analysis
PRO-011 ASM Procedures to ensure that the change in airspace availability is promulgated through SWIM and reflected in the NOP 31-12-2019 Analysis
PRO-014 Procedures harmonised at pan-European level for the management of the Improved OAT FPL (flight plan filing, validation, acceptance and distribution) 31-12-2023 Analysis
PRO-030 Procedure to allow ARES reservation from country A to country B Analysis
PRO-076 Procedures for the iSMT in the CDM process Analysis
PRO-077 Procedures facilitating iRMT management 31-12-2015 Analysis
PRO-078 Procedures facilitating iRMT management in Trajectory Based Operations environment Analysis
PRO-079 Procedures for the calculation of trajectory profile and ARES geographical location taking MET data into account Analysis
PRO-080 Procedures for Wing Operations Centre input into DCB Analysis
SWIM-APS-02a Consumption of Aeronautical Information services 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-APS-04a Consumption of G/G ATFCM Information Services 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-APS-07a Stakeholder systems consumption of G/G Meteorological Information services 31-12-2023 Analysis
SWIM-APS-12 Provision and Consumption of Mission Trajectory exchange services (not using FO) 31-12-2023 Analysis
SWIM-APS-13 Ground-ground SWIM enabled services for MT data facilitating DCB 31-12-2027 Analysis
SWIM-INFR-05a General SWIM Services infrastructure Support and Connectivity. 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-INFR-06b Ground side SWIM technical infrastructure for Air-Ground Advisory Information Sharing 31-12-2028 Analysis
SWIM-INFR-07 Ground/Ground SWIM technical infrastructure for civil-military SWIM-based non high-critical exchanges 31-12-2027 Analysis
SWIM-NET-01a SWIM Network Point of Presence 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-SUPT-05a SWIM Supporting IP Network Bridging Provisions 31-12-2015 Analysis