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ANSP-CIV-CNS - Civil CNS Service Provider

A provider of Communication, Navigation or Surveillance services.

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Code Title IOC Related Elements Analysis
AIMS-07a Generation of Enhanced Pre-flight Briefing based on digital data 31-12-2023 Analysis
CTE-C01 A/G Voice radio 31-12-2012 Analysis
CTE-C01a Existing Voice radio (VHF 25/8.33KHz) 31-12-2012 Analysis
CTE-C01b New Digital A/G Voice 31-12-2029 Analysis
CTE-C02 A/G Datalink radio 31-12-1980 Analysis
CTE-C02a A/G datalink over ACARS (POA/AOA) 31-12-1980 Analysis
CTE-C02b A/G Datalink over ATN/OSI - Single frequency 31-12-2005 Analysis
CTE-C02c A/G Datalink over ATN/OSI - Multi frequency 31-12-2021 Analysis
CTE-C02d New Airport Datalink technology (AEROMACS) 31-12-2022 Analysis
CTE-C02d0 New Airport Datalink technology (AEROMACS) 31-12-2029 Analysis
CTE-C02e New A/G datalink using ATN/IPS over L-band 31-12-2028 Analysis
CTE-C02f Future Satcom for ATM: SATCOM Class B in Multilink 31-12-2020 Analysis
CTE-C02g Air to Air functionality of New A/G radios 31-12-2029 Analysis
CTE-C02h Future Satcom for ATM - Long term Satcom/IRIS ( class A Satcom) Analysis
CTE-C03b Broadband Satcom Datalink (i.e. Global Express) 31-12-2028 Analysis
CTE-C04 Future Communication Infrastructure - ATN/IPS and Multilink 31-12-2028 Analysis
CTE-C05a VoIP for ground telephony Analysis
CTE-C05b Digital Voice / VoIP for ground segment of Air-Ground voice Analysis
CTE-C06a PENS - Phase 1 31-12-2010 Analysis
CTE-C06b PENS - Phase 2 31-12-2016 Analysis
CTE-C06c AMHS 31-12-2012 Analysis
CTE-C07a VDL2 infrastructure optimisation 31-12-2013 Analysis
CTE-C07b Frequency Optimisation 31-12-2013 Analysis
CTE-N01 GPS L1/L5 31-12-2020 Analysis
CTE-N05 GNSS performance assessment system 31-12-2023 Analysis
CTE-N06 Space Based Augmentation System (SBAS) 31-12-2020 Analysis
CTE-N07 Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) 31-12-2025 Analysis
CTE-N07a GBAS Cat I based on Single-Constellation / Single-Frequency GNSS (GPS L1) 31-12-2012 Analysis
CTE-N07b GBAS Cat II/III based on Single-Constellation / Single-Frequency GNSS (GPS L1) 31-12-2025 Analysis
CTE-N07c GBAS Cat II/III based on Multi-Constellation / Multi-Frequency (MCMF) GNSS (GPS + GALILEO / L1 + L5) 31-12-2026 Analysis
CTE-N07d GBAS expanded service volume 31-12-2027 Analysis
CTE-N07e GBAS CAT II/III based on Single-Constellation / Single-Frequency GNSS (GPS L1) extension to equatorial and Nordic regions 31-12-2029 Analysis
CTE-N07f GBAS robustness towards interference 31-12-2029 Analysis
CTE-N07g GBAS GS status data provision 31-12-2029 Analysis
CTE-N08 DME Ground Infrastructure optimisation 31-12-2019 Analysis
CTE-N08c Modern DME Transponder 31-12-2021 Analysis
CTE-N09 ILS (Instrument Landing System) Analysis
CTE-N10 Microwave Landing System (MLS) Analysis
CTE-N11 NDB Decommissioning 31-12-2020 Analysis
CTE-N12 VOR/DME MON (Minimum Operational Network) 31-12-2020 Analysis
CTE-N13a A-PNT (Alternative Positioning Navigation and Timing) 31-12-2029 Analysis
CTE-N14 Rationalisation of approach and landing systems 31-12-2020 Analysis
CTE-NGOV01 Ground Navaids Optimisation/Rationalisation Plans Analysis
CTE-S01 Secondary SUR Radars 31-12-2006 Analysis
CTE-S01a SSR Mode A/C/S 31-12-2006 Analysis
CTE-S02 Primary SUR sensor 31-10-2010 Analysis
CTE-S02a Primary Surveillance Radar 31-10-2010 Analysis
CTE-S02b Surface Movement Radar 31-12-2007 Analysis
CTE-S02c Multi Static Primary Surveillance Radar 31-12-2024 Analysis
CTE-S02d Video Based Surveillance Analysis
CTE-S03 ADS-B Receiving Station 31-12-2008 Analysis
CTE-S03a ADS-B station for NRA surveillance 31-12-2008 Analysis
CTE-S03b ADS-B station for RAD and APT surveillance 31-12-2020 Analysis
CTE-S03c New ADS-B station for future ADS-B applications 31-12-2024 Analysis
CTE-S03d Satellite based ADS-B technology 31-12-2024 Analysis
CTE-S03e ADS-B transmitter for vehicles 31-12-2008 Analysis
CTE-S03f New ADS-B receiver for vehicles 31-12-2008 Analysis
CTE-S03g ACAS monitoring technology 31-12-2020 Analysis
CTE-S04 Multilateration ground System 31-12-2010 Analysis
CTE-S04a Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) 31-12-2007 Analysis
CTE-S04b Airport Multilateration (MLAT) 31-12-2007 Analysis
CTE-S05 Gradual rationalisation of conventional surveillance infrastructure (ADS-B/WAM vs SSR and MSPSR vs PSR) 12-09-2018 Analysis
  CTE-S06 Composite Surveillance Analysis
CTE-S07 Surveillance Performance Monitoring Tools 08-06-2030 Analysis
CTE-S07a Coop sensor SPM Tool ¿ ER & TMA 08-06-2030 Analysis
CTE-S07b Coop sensor SPM Tool ¿ Surface 08-06-2030 Analysis
CTE-S07d Non-Coop sensor SPM Tool ¿ Surface 08-06-2030 Analysis
CTE-S07e SUR Chain SPM Tool ¿ ER & TMA 08-06-2030 Analysis
PRO-028 Procedures to support AOP-NOP collaborative process 31-12-2019 Analysis