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AP-OPR-MIL - Military APT operator

A military entity responsible for the management of one or more airports.

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Code Title IOC Related Elements Analysis
AERODROME-ATC-20 Enhanced ADDEP (Airport Departure Data Entry Panel) 31-12-2017 Analysis
  AERODROME-ATC-26 Runway condition awareness management system based on runway sensors 31-12-2026 Analysis
AERODROME-ATC-28 Surface movement control workstation equipped with initial tools for Aerodrome Control Service 31-12-2006 Analysis
AERODROME-ATC-32 Runway condition awareness management system based on weather-based runway condition model 31-12-2026 Analysis
  AERODROME-ATC-47 Airport ATC Subsystem to incorporate aircraft observed runway surface condition 31-12-2026 Analysis
AERODROME-ATC-61b Advanced surface guidance management services to process the automatic triggering of airport ground signs and lighting according to the route issued by ATC 30-12-2027 Analysis
AERODROME-ATC-79 Provide a Multiple Remote Tower Module (MRTM) that enables one ATCO to control multiple remote towers simultaneously 30-06-2027 Analysis
AERODROME-ATC-81 ATCO planning tool for a Multiple Remote Tower Module (MRTM) 30-06-2027 Analysis
AERODROME-ATC-82 Technical supervision from a Multiple Tower Remote Module (MRTM) 30-06-2027 Analysis
AERODROME-ATC-83 Multiple Remote Tower planning tools for Supervisor Analysis
AERODROME-ATC-84 Multiple Remote Tower Module allowing dynamic allocation of aerodromes Analysis
AERODROME-ATC-85 Provide the Multiple Remote Tower Module with automation functionalities to reduce controller workload Analysis
AERODROME-ATC-87 RWSL management tool fed with airport surveillance data to determine runway usage and to control the airfield Runway Status Lights 29-04-2021 Analysis
AERODROME-ATC-88 Multiple Remote Tower Module provided with basic ground surveillance 31-12-2026 Analysis
AERODROME-ATC-92 Real-time Airport Weather Observation service with Artificial Intelligence algorithms 31-10-2029 Analysis
  AERODROME-ATC-95 Runway condition awareness management system based on surveillance 31-12-2026 Analysis
  AERODROME-ATC-96 Runway condition awareness management system based on braking action data reported by flight crew 31-12-2026 Analysis
  AERODROME-ATC-97 Runway condition awareness management system based on manual assessment of contamination 31-12-2026 Analysis
  AERODROME-ATC-98 Runway condition awareness management system providing predicted runway surface information 31-12-2026 Analysis
AIMS-07a Generation of Enhanced Pre-flight Briefing based on digital data 31-12-2023 Analysis
AIMS-13 Controlled & Harmonised Aeronautical Information Network Activity (CHAIN) 31-12-2006 Analysis
AIMS-16 Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (TOD) 31-12-2023 Analysis
AIRPORT-01 In-vehicle access to ground clearances and information 31-12-2027 Analysis
AIRPORT-02b Enhanced Airport Impact Assessment Tool Analysis
AIRPORT-03b Enhanced Airport Operation Plan (AOP) Tool 31-12-2027 Analysis
AIRPORT-03c Light Airport Operational Plan (AOP) Management Tool (for Regional Airports) 31-12-2028 Analysis
AIRPORT-07 Decision support processes/tools for airport operations management 31-12-2027 Analysis
AIRPORT-08 Decay Enhancing Devices 31-08-2025 Analysis
AIRPORT-10 Meteo Impact Assessment Tool 31-12-2028 Analysis
AIRPORT-11 Meteo Advisory Tool 31-12-2027 Analysis
AIRPORT-30 Use of airport wireless communication infrastructure for mobile data' 31-12-2022 Analysis
AIRPORT-35b Airport CDM (level 4 - CDM integrated with landside processes) 31-12-2028 Analysis
AIRPORT-37 Systems for the detection and identification of Foreign Objects Debris (FOD). 31-10-2010 Analysis
AIRPORT-40b Enhanced Airport Performance Monitoring System (Airside/Lanside dashboard) 31-12-2028 Analysis
AIRPORT-41 Airport Operations Centre Support Tools (Dashboard) 31-12-2028 Analysis
AIRPORT-45 On-board vehicle system to provide safety net alerts to vehicle drivers 31-12-2022 Analysis
AIRPORT-46 On-board vehicle safety net alerts generation 31-12-2022 Analysis
AIRPORT-47 Surface Traffic Situational Awareness to process and display in an 'On-board Vehicle System' the own position and surrounding traffic. 31-12-2022 Analysis
AIRPORT-48 Advanced Airport UDPP integrated with AOP Monitoring 31-12-2027 Analysis
AIRPORT-49 Airfield Ground Lighting system upgraded to provide the Runway Status Lights 29-04-2021 Analysis
AIRPORT-50 Airport Operational Business Model Database for Determination of CDM Event Milestones 31-12-2028 Analysis
AIRPORT-52 DPI/API revision triggered by airport capacity constrained situations 31-12-2027 Analysis
  AIRPORT-55 Data transmission means supporting aircraft-airport exchange of information (airport side) 31-12-2026 Analysis
CTE-C02d New Airport Datalink technology (AEROMACS) 31-12-2022 Analysis
CTE-C02d0 New Airport Datalink technology (AEROMACS) 31-12-2029 Analysis
CTE-C03c Commercial wireless technologies at the Airport surface (not for safety-critical services) 31-12-2029 Analysis
CTE-C14 Advanced VCS (Voice Com System) for a Multiple Remote Tower Module (MRTM) 30-06-2027 Analysis
CTE-S05 Gradual rationalisation of conventional surveillance infrastructure (ADS-B/WAM vs SSR and MSPSR vs PSR) 12-09-2018 Analysis
CTE-S06 Composite Surveillance Analysis
CTE-S07b Coop sensor SPM Tool ¿ Surface 08-06-2030 Analysis
CTE-S07d Non-Coop sensor SPM Tool ¿ Surface 08-06-2030 Analysis
GGSWIM-11 ATM Information based on a common Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) 31-12-2012 Analysis
METEO-03 Provision and monitoring of real-time airport weather information (PCP) 01-07-2022 Analysis
METEO-04b Generate and provide MET information services relevant for Airport and final approach related operations (PCP) 01-07-2022 Analysis
METEO-04c Generate and provide MET information relevant for Airport and approach related operations at short notice ('time to decision' between 3 minutes and 7days) including rotorcraft and RPAS 31-12-2026 Analysis
MIL-0502 Upgrade of military ground systems to allow bi-directional exchanges with non-military IP networks 31-12-2020 Analysis
NIMS-46 Integrated local DCB working position 31-12-2027 Analysis
PRO-028 Procedures to support AOP-NOP collaborative process 31-12-2019 Analysis
PRO-077 Procedures facilitating iRMT management 31-12-2015 Analysis
PRO-078 Procedures facilitating iRMT management in Trajectory Based Operations environment Analysis
PRO-137 Airport Operations Procedures for vehicle drivers for systematic, standard response to safety alerts 31-12-2016 Analysis
PRO-246 Procedures for standardised response to Runway Status Lights 29-04-2021 Analysis
PRO-249 Procedures Linked to Collaborative Airport Performance Management 31-12-2028 Analysis
SVC-039 Provision of cost-efficient Aeronautical Digital Maps using a Common Service 20-12-2025 Analysis
SWIM-APS-01a Provision of G/G Aeronautical Information services 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-APS-02a Consumption of Aeronautical Information services 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-APS-04a Consumption of G/G ATFCM Information Services 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-APS-07a Stakeholder systems consumption of G/G Meteorological Information services 31-12-2023 Analysis
SWIM-INFR-05a General SWIM Services infrastructure Support and Connectivity. 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-INFR-06b Ground side SWIM technical infrastructure for Air-Ground Advisory Information Sharing 31-12-2028 Analysis
SWIM-NET-01a SWIM Network Point of Presence 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-SUPT-05a SWIM Supporting IP Network Bridging Provisions 31-12-2015 Analysis