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S-AF4.2 — Collaborative NOP

The Network Manager shall implement a Collaborative NOP consisting of increased integration of NOP and Airport Operations Plan (AOP) information. The Collaborative NOP shall be updated through data exchanges between Network Manager and operational stakeholder systems in order to cover the entire trajectory lifecycle and to reflect priorities when needed. Airport configurations constraints and weather and airspace information shall be integrated into the NOP. Where available, the airport constraints shall be derived from the AOP. The ATFCM target times may be used as input to arrival sequencing. Where available and required for traffic sequencing, the Target Time for Arrival shall be derived from the AOP. Where Target Times are used by ATFCM to address airport congestion, these Target Times may be subject to AOP alignment as part of ATFCM coordination processes. Target Times shall also be used to support airport arrival sequencing processes in the en-route phase. The integrated airport configurations and weather and airspace information shall be able to be read and modified by authorised operational stakeholders participating in managing and operating the network.
The development of a Collaborative NOP shall focus on the availability of shared operational planning and real- time data.

Deployment Target Date


System Requirements

- Operational stakeholders shall be granted access to the data they need through queries within the NOP
- Operational stakeholder ground systems shall be adapted to interface with network management systems. AOP systems shall interface with the NOP systems to implement a Collaborative NOP
- Interface between operational stakeholder systems and network management systems shall be implemented using System-Wide Information Management services once available

Geographical Scope

Network Collaborative Management shall be deployed in the EATMN. In ATC centres in Member States where civil-military operations are not integrated (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Spain), Network Collaborative Management shall be deployed to the extent required by Regulation (EC) No 552/2004, point 4 of Part A of Annex II.

Operational Improvement Steps

Code Title IOC FOC Related Elements
AO-0801-A Collaborative Airport Planning Interface 31-12-2020 31-12-2025
AUO-0203 EFPL in NM processes 01-07-2022 01-07-2026
DCB-0103-A Initial collaborative NOP 01-07-2022 01-07-2027


Code Title IOC Related Elements Analysis
AIRPORT-03 Airports Operation Plan (AOP) tool 31-12-2020 Analysis
AIRPORT-31 Airport CDM (levels 1, 2 & 3) 26-06-2010 Analysis
AIRPORT-38 Airport/ATFCM Extended data interface 31-12-2020 Analysis
AOC-ATM-13 Participating of the FOC/ WOC in the airport triggered CDM process 31-12-2020 Analysis
AOC-ATM-20 Sharing of trajectory data between AOC/WOC and the ATM world using B2B web services 06-07-2018 Analysis
HUM-007 New communication and interaction patterns between stakeholders of airport operations linked to collaborative rolling AOP/NOP management. 31-12-2019 Analysis
METEO-06b Generate and provide MET information relevant for Network related operations (PCP) 01-07-2022 Analysis
MIL-0502 Upgrade of military ground systems to allow bi-directional exchanges with non-military IP networks 31-12-2020 Analysis
NIMS-13b Enhanced short term ATFM measures ( STAM) 31-12-2019 Analysis
NIMS-14b Demand Data Repository Phase II 31-12-2014 Analysis
NIMS-21a Initial Flight Planning management enhanced to support 4D for Step 1 31-12-2016 Analysis
NIMS-25 Integration of Airport CDM data into Network DCB sub-system 01-07-2022 Analysis
NIMS-40 Use of FO trajectory and constraints in NM systems 31-12-2019 Analysis
PRO-028 Procedures to support AOP-NOP collaborative process 31-12-2019 Analysis
REG-0518 Regulatory Provisions for the harmonised deployment of network collaborative management (PCP) 31-12-2019 Analysis
SWIM-APS-01a Provision of G/G Aeronautical Information services 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-APS-02a Consumption of Aeronautical Information services 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-APS-03a Provision of G/G ATFCM Information Services 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-APS-04a Consumption of G/G ATFCM Information Services 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-GOV-05a Regulatory Provisions for SWIM roles and responsibilities (organisational requirements) 31-12-2019 Analysis
SWIM-INFR-05a General SWIM Services infrastructure Support and Connectivity. 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-NET-01a SWIM Network Point of Presence 31-12-2020 Analysis

Implementation Objectives

Code Title Related Elements
AOP11 Initial Airport Operations Plan
FCM05 Interactive Rolling NOP
FCM08 Extended Flight Plan