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NET-MAN - Network Manager

At this stage of the work, only one stakeholder 'Network Manager' is considered until further definition by appropriate WPs. It includes the stakeholders in charge of the Regional network management, the one at sub-Regional level acting as point of contact within a FAB for coordination on DCB matters, and the one(s) in charge of the local capacity and traffic management.


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Code Title IOC Related Elements Analysis
AAMS-01 Automated impact of Hazard Zones Analysis
AAMS-02 Dynamic Airspace Configuration tools for the Integrated Network Working Position 31-03-2028 Analysis
AAMS-06a Airspace management system enhanced to generate and distribute planned airspace usage information(CIAM) 31-12-2008 Analysis
AAMS-06c Local ASM Tools to be updated to support Transmission of VPA-related data from local ASM tool to the NM 31-12-2016 Analysis
AAMS-08 Airspace management system enhanced to support improved collaborative airspace planning 31-12-2008 Analysis
AAMS-09 Airspace management system enhanced to support the integrated European airspace planning process Analysis
AAMS-09a NM systems enhanced to exchange static data and airspace usage data with ASM support systems in AIXM format 31-12-2014 Analysis
AAMS-10a Initial airspace management system enhanced with commonly applied GAT/OAT handling 31-12-2019 Analysis
AAMS-12 Airspace management system equipped with a method to achieve regional airspace coordination capability 31-12-2015 Analysis
AAMS-13 ASM scenario management sub-system equipped with tools for assessing the impact of airspace changes on capacity 31-12-2026 Analysis
AAMS-15 Scenario management sub-system equipped with tools to support pre-tactical CDM 31-12-2019 Analysis
AAMS-16a Airspace management functions equipped with tools able to deal with free-routing 31-12-2016 Analysis
AAMS-16b Airspace management system equipped with tools able to deal with flexible use of airspace 31-12-2027 Analysis
AAMS-17 adaptation of all AAMS sub-systems to the common ATM information model 31-12-2027 Analysis
AAMS-18 Airspace management system enhanced to support the European-wide use of Military Training Area as part of the integrated European airspace planning process Analysis
AGSWIM-38 SWIM enabled services for AGDLGMS 31-12-2015 Analysis
AIMS-06 Ground-Ground AIS provision to ASM 31-12-2019 Analysis
AIMS-07 Generation of pre-flight briefing information 31-12-2007 Analysis
AIMS-07a Generation of Enhanced Pre-flight Briefing based on digital data 31-12-2023 Analysis
AIMS-14 Set up a digital data chain to ensure the Aeronautical Information data provision into on-board avionic systems 31-10-2020 Analysis
AIMS-16 Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (TOD) 31-12-2023 Analysis
AIMS-20 Airspace Data Repository 31-12-2010 Analysis
AIMS-21 Airspace management system enhanced for external user access to the airspace data repository 31-12-2008 Analysis
AIMS-22 Airspace management functions enhanced to provide airspace status information 31-12-2007 Analysis
AIMS-23 Enhanced digital data chain to ensure Aeronautical Information data provision to meet full 4D trajectory management requirements 31-12-2023 Analysis
AIMS-24 Provide semantic analysis capabilities. 31-12-2026 Analysis
APP ATC 148 System Support For Controlled Time of Arrival (CTA) 31-12-2022 Analysis
CTE-N05 GNSS performance assessment system 31-12-2023 Analysis
CTE-N06 Space Based Augmentation System (SBAS) 31-12-2020 Analysis
CTE-S06 Composite Surveillance Analysis
ER APP ATC 149b Air-Ground Datalink Exchange to Support i4D - ETA min/max 31-12-2022 Analysis
ER APP ATC 149c Air-Ground Datalink Exchange to Support i4D - Controlled Time of Arrival/Overflight (CTA/CTO) Analysis
GGSWIM-53 A common Aeronautical Information Conceptual Model (AICM) 31-12-2012 Analysis
HUM-007 New communication and interaction patterns between stakeholders of airport operations linked to collaborative rolling AOP/NOP management. 31-12-2019 Analysis
HUM-013 Tasks transfer from AOP stakeholders to APAMS 31-12-2023 Analysis
HUM-014 New interactions and communication patterns for the integration of landside process outputs into the A-CDM process. 31-12-2023 Analysis
HUM-015 New working methods for the integration of landside process outputs into the A-CDM process. 31-12-2023 Analysis
HUM-016 New working methods for the integration of the Airport Transit View (ATV) into the A-CDM process. 31-12-2022 Analysis
MIL-0103 Wing Operations Centre Mission Support System (including update/revision) of iMT 31-12-2027 Analysis
MIL-0108 Exchange of specific MT data (ARES description) in standard format 31-12-2027 Analysis
MIL-STD-04 Procedure to implement EUROAT rules. 30-10-2013 Analysis
NIMS-02 Provision , reception and processing of collaborative flight plan updates 31-12-2011 Analysis
NIMS-03 Reception of DPI messages 31-12-2017 Analysis
NIMS-04 ATFCM capacity planning sub-system enhanced to take into account dynamic sector shapes 31-12-2026 Analysis
NIMS-06 Network information management system equipped with post-analysis tools for airport traffic 31-12-2017 Analysis
NIMS-08 strategic and pre-tactical demand-capacity balancing evaluation, simulation and display tools Analysis
NIMS-09 Capacity planning and scenario management equipped with tool to assess the impact of requested flight level changes 31-12-2027 Analysis
NIMS-10 Capacity planning and scenario management equipped with sector management tool to assist ATCCs in defining sector configurations 31-12-2006 Analysis
NIMS-12 Demand Capacity Balancing equipped with a tool to identify and arbitrate multiple imbalance and hotspots 30-08-2026 Analysis
NIMS-13a Capacity planning and scenario management equipped with tools to identify the possible re-routed flights/flows providing the best benefits 31-12-2010 Analysis
NIMS-13b Enhanced short term ATFM measures ( STAM) 31-12-2019 Analysis
NIMS-13c Full regional support of dDCB 01-04-2023 Analysis
NIMS-14a Demand Data Repository Phase I 31-12-2007 Analysis
NIMS-14b Demand Data Repository Phase II 31-12-2014 Analysis
NIMS-14c Demand Data Repository Phase III 31-12-2027 Analysis
NIMS-17 Provide assistance to flight planning 30-01-2009 Analysis
NIMS-18 Flight Planning management sub-system enhanced to use the latest airspace information 30-01-2006 Analysis
NIMS-19 Flight Planning management sub-system enhanced for AFUA 31-12-2023 Analysis
NIMS-20 Provision, reception and processing of ATFCM flight progress messages 31-12-2011 Analysis
NIMS-21a Initial Flight Planning management enhanced to support 4D for Step 1 31-12-2016 Analysis
NIMS-21b Flight Planning extended with eFPL Distribution service 01-07-2022 Analysis
NIMS-22 Enhanced performance management sub-system 31-12-2018 Analysis
NIMS-23 Capacity planning and scenario management equipped with tools integrating SB/MT information, to assist ATS in optimising the use of airport and airspace usable capacity 01-04-2023 Analysis
NIMS-25 Integration of Airport CDM data into Network DCB sub-system 01-07-2022 Analysis
NIMS-27 Network DCB sub-system enhanced with improved accuracy of processing real-time data 31-12-2019 Analysis
NIMS-29 Network DCB sub-system enhanced for Network Operations Plan (NOP) preparation and dissemination 31-12-2010 Analysis
NIMS-30 ATFCM scenario management equipped with tools for assessing the impact of DAC and capacity changes on trajectory efficiency 31-12-2023 Analysis
NIMS-31 B2B (Business to Business) Web Services - Flight Plan filing and management 31-12-2011 Analysis
NIMS-32 B2B (Business to Business) Web Service eRAD and eAMI 31-12-2011 Analysis
NIMS-33 Dedicated tools supporting Airport Slot Monitoring (e.g. Stanly, AMON) 31-12-2010 Analysis
NIMS-34 Civil-Military performance measurement system 31-12-2011 Analysis
NIMS-35 Flight Planning management sub-system enhanced to process improved OAT flight plans 31-12-2018 Analysis
NIMS-37 Basic Complexity assessment tools 31-12-2019 Analysis
NIMS-38 Calculation and dissemination of the TTO & TTA 31-12-2019 Analysis
NIMS-39a Enhancement of ETFMS 31-12-2017 Analysis
NIMS-40 Use of FO trajectory and constraints in NM systems 31-12-2019 Analysis
NIMS-41 NM interface capable to integrate Airport impact assessment 31-12-2021 Analysis
NIMS-42 NM systems enhanced to receive, process and display real-time tactical (ASM level III) airspace usage information 31-12-2016 Analysis
NIMS-43 Enhanced NM systems to process the Flight Object (FO) data related to the NM cluster including STAM, TTA and EFPL information 31-12-2021 Analysis
NIMS-44 Evolution of NIMS to support management of UDPP, inclusion of user preferences and priority as part of SBT 31-12-2026 Analysis
NIMS-45 Initial Flight Planning management enhanced to support initial Mission Trajectory 31-12-2018 Analysis
NIMS-46 Integrated local DCB working position 31-12-2027 Analysis
NIMS-48 Integrated Network Working Position (iNWP) 31-12-2027 Analysis
NIMS-49 Multiple Constraint Resolver 01-04-2023 Analysis
NIMS-50 Dynamic route finding and optimisation tool to enable optimal routes usage in the TMA 31-12-2026 Analysis
NIMS-51 NM systems adaption to support the NPR concept Analysis
NIMS-52 Enhancement of ETFMS for including airport constraints 31-12-2023 Analysis
NIMS-54 SID, STAR, TT, and Runway Configuration data applied in Initial Flight Plan Processing 31-12-2026 Analysis
NIMS-55 Dynamic ATC LOAs Integration in NM trajectory 31-12-2026 Analysis
NIMS-56 NM Interface for UDPP Impact assessment 31-08-2024 Analysis
NIMS-57 Integration of PFP/eFPL processing into Traffic Demand Management 31-12-2024 Analysis
PRO-001 FCM Procedures to incorporate information received from multiple sources into the NOP 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-003 FCM Procedures to ensure that all partners are aware of decisions taken 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-004 FCM Procedures to ensure that NOP is constantly updated to reflect all changes to the airspace and airspace users planned trajectories 30-01-2009 Analysis
PRO-005 FCM Procedures to modify NOP in real-time in response to tactical changes to trajectories and airport/airspace capacities 31-12-2011 Analysis
PRO-011 ASM Procedures to ensure that the change in airspace availability is promulgated through SWIM and reflected in the NOP 31-12-2019 Analysis
PRO-014 Procedures harmonised at pan-European level for the management of the Improved OAT FPL (flight plan filing, validation, acceptance and distribution) 31-12-2023 Analysis
PRO-016 ASM Procedures for the design and promulgation of sectors and sector families based upon traffic patterns 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-017 FCM Procedures to assist the Airspace User in selection of the most optimal trajectory 31-12-2011 Analysis
PRO-022 FCM procedures for collaborating on SBT changes with Airspace Users 31-12-2019 Analysis
PRO-024 ASM Procedures related to real-time (tactical) ASM level III information exchange 31-12-2019 Analysis
PRO-028 Procedures to support AOP-NOP collaborative process 31-12-2019 Analysis
PRO-033 FCM Procedures for systematically incorporating changes to capacity balance as revised information updates the NOP 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-034 FCM Procedures for ensuring all concerned partners are notified about pending changes to the NOP 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-035 FCM Procedures for on-line access/update to the NOP and notification of updates 31-12-2009 Analysis
PRO-036 FCM Procedures for approval of slot swaps and updating the effected trajectories 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-038 FCM Procedures to enable application of flow management techniques on traffic streams closer to real-time 31-12-2011 Analysis
PRO-039 FCM Procedures for identifying the appropriate scenario from the catalogue of scenarios and initiating its implementation 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-040 FCM Procedures for initiating dynamic sectorisation responses in collaboration with the ANSP 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-041 FCM Procedures for ameliorating the consequences of a critical event developed in collaboration with the ANSP partners 31-12-2012 Analysis
PRO-073a Procedures to optimise the de-icing process within the constraints of the operational schedule, the optimal runway use and the local de-icing capacity. 31-12-2022 Analysis
PRO-076 Procedures for the iSMT in the CDM process Analysis
PRO-077 Procedures facilitating iRMT management 31-12-2015 Analysis
PRO-078 Procedures facilitating iRMT management in Trajectory Based Operations environment Analysis
PRO-079 Procedures for the calculation of trajectory profile and ARES geographical location taking MET data into account Analysis
PRO-092 FCM procedures for communicating refined plans to ANSP, Airspace Users and Airport Operators 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-100 FCM procedures to allocate, monitor and update 4D targets for ATFCM purposes Analysis
PRO-118 ATC Procedures for use of CTA across several AoRs 31-12-2023 Analysis
PRO-155 FCM Procedures for assessing demand/capacity vs. resources available based upon flexible airspace configurations 31-12-2023 Analysis
PRO-182 Simulation Procedures Linked to Proactive Capacity Management 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-183 FCM Optimisation Procedures 31-12-2008 Analysis
PRO-184 ASM Procedures related to Dynamic co-operative management of the airspace 31-12-2008 Analysis
PRO-185 FUA Procedures 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-191 FCM Procedures related to adaptation of sector design for variation of Traffic Flows 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-192 Simulation Provision, Data Display and Evaluation Procedures 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-204d Collaborative Procedures (FCM) for improving Airport Operations in Adverse Conditions 31-12-2007 Analysis
PRO-215a Airline Procedures Linked to Collaborative Flight Planning 31-12-2011 Analysis
PRO-215b ATC Procedures Linked to Collaborative Flight Planning 31-12-2011 Analysis
PRO-215c Airport Procedures Linked to Collaborative Flight Planning 31-12-2011 Analysis
PRO-215d FCM Procedures Linked to Collaborative Flight Planning 31-12-2011 Analysis
PRO-217 Ground-Ground (Procedural) Communications related to Collaborative Flight Planning 31-12-2011 Analysis
PRO-220b FCM procedures to describe how detection and resolution of complexity, density or traffic flow issues are managed. 31-12-2019 Analysis
PRO-241 Initial implementation of free routing operation 31-12-2009 Analysis
PRO-242 Procedure for the collection of the Airport slots 31-12-2012 Analysis
PRO-243 Procedure for monitoring and reporting along the IR requirements and the operational needs 31-12-2012 Analysis
PRO-247 FCM Procedures for hotspots information sharing and for CDM process to support STAM coordination and implementation.. 31-12-2019 Analysis
PRO-249 Procedures Linked to Collaborative Airport Performance Management 31-12-2028 Analysis
PRO-253 APOC Adverse Situation Collaboration Procedure with Remote Airports Analysis
SVC-001 Modification of the TacticalUpdates service provided by Regional ATFCM to incorporate PTR status query and updates. 31-12-2026 Analysis
SVC-002 Extend the AirspaceStructure service to cover the PTR status 31-12-2026 Analysis
SVC-003 Enhance the existing NMFlightData service to publish and subscribe SID/STAR data 31-12-2026 Analysis
SVC-005 Provision of cost-efficient Sub-Regional DCB capabilities using a Common Service 31-12-2023 Analysis
SVC-006 FF-ICE Planning Service updated for the provision of the DCB data and enriched DCB data for a preliminary flight plan 31-12-2027 Analysis
SVC-007 FF-ICE Flight Information Service updated for the provision of the DCB data and enriched DCB data for a PFP and eFPL. 31-12-2027 Analysis
SVC-011 Enhance AOWIR SWIM service with the DCB constraint data for the AU or proposed trajectories 31-12-2027 Analysis
SVC-012 Enhance AOWIR SWIM service with enriched DCB data 31-12-2027 Analysis
SWIM-APS-01a Provision of G/G Aeronautical Information services 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-APS-02a Consumption of Aeronautical Information services 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-APS-03a Provision of G/G ATFCM Information Services 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-APS-05a Provision and Consumption of Flight Object Sharing services 31-12-2023 Analysis
SWIM-APS-05b Provision and Consumption of Enhanced G/G Flight Object Sharing services for Trajectory Based Operations 31-12-2024 Analysis
SWIM-APS-07a Stakeholder systems consumption of G/G Meteorological Information services 31-12-2023 Analysis
SWIM-APS-12 Provision and Consumption of Mission Trajectory exchange services (not using FO) 31-12-2023 Analysis
SWIM-APS-19 Provision of the FF-ICE Planning Service 31-12-2024 Analysis
SWIM-APS-21 Provision of the FF-ICE Flight Information Service 31-12-2024 Analysis
SWIM-APS-24 Provision of the AOWIR service with the DCB constraint data 31-12-2027 Analysis
SWIM-APS-25 Provision of the AOWIR service with the enhanced DCB data 31-12-2027 Analysis
SWIM-GOV-05a Regulatory Provisions for SWIM roles and responsibilities (organisational requirements) 31-12-2019 Analysis
SWIM-INFR-01a High Criticality SWIM Services infrastructure Support and Connectivity. 31-12-2023 Analysis
SWIM-INFR-05a General SWIM Services infrastructure Support and Connectivity. 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-INFR-06b Ground side SWIM technical infrastructure for Air-Ground Advisory Information Sharing 31-12-2028 Analysis
SWIM-INFR-07 Ground/Ground SWIM technical infrastructure for civil-military SWIM-based non high-critical exchanges 31-12-2027 Analysis
SWIM-NET-01a SWIM Network Point of Presence 31-12-2020 Analysis
SWIM-SUPT-01a SWIM Supporting Registry Provisions Analysis
SWIM-SUPT-03a SWIM Supporting Security Provisions 31-12-2022 Analysis
SWIM-SUPT-05a SWIM Supporting IP Network Bridging Provisions 31-12-2015 Analysis