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Deployment Scenarios

This view presents Deployment Scenarios for changes that are in the pipeline towards deployment and that are associated with Essential Operational Changes. More...

These Deployment Scenarios are based on mature Solutions proposed for deployment, and Solutions approaching maturity. For each Deployment Scenario, the operating environment(s) in which performance gains can be realised is indicated. A rollout time is also provided: the timescales for start of deployment and end of deployment is shown in blue, and timescales for start of benefits at a given place/site, up to reaching of full benefit is shown in purple.

The contribution to performance is indicated on the right hand side of the table. When the contribution is positive, then it is shown in dark green. When it is shown in light green, then the contribution to performance has not yet been evaluated. The categories for the contribution to performance are:

CAP: Capacity, SAF: Safety, ENV: Environment, CEF: Cost-efficiency, OEF: Operational-efficiency

Select on the tabs at the top the set of Deployment Scenarios. They are shown allocated to an Essential Operational Change.
Hovering with the mouse over a Deployment Scenario or EOC name will display further details on it, hovering over a timeline bar will show the associated dates.

Essential Operational Change Deployment Scenarios Operating Environment Timeline Contribution to Performance
Airport TMA En-Route Network  20192020202120222023202420252026202720282029203020312032203320342035 CAP SAF ENV CEF OEF
CNS Infrastructure and Services Alternative position, navigation and timing (A-PNT)- short term
CNS rationalisation
Enhanced airborne collision avoidance for commercial air transport normal operations (ACAS Xa)
ATM Interconnected Network Airport integration into the network
Collaborative airport (airport operations plan - network operations plan, phase 2)
Enhanced ATFM slot swapping
SWIM TI (technical infrastructure) purple profile for air/ground advisory information sharing
Digital AIM and MET Services Digitally enhanced briefing
Improved aviation AIM and MET services through automation and digitalisation
U-space services U-space U1 — foundation services
U-space U2 — initial services
Virtualisation of Service Provision Remotely provided ATS for multiple aerodromes
Virtual centre concept
Airport and TMA performance Airport safety nets vehicle
Efficient aircraft separation during take-off and final approach
Enhanced AMAN/DMAN integration
Enhanced airport safety nets
Enhanced arrival procedures
Enhanced visual operations
Integrated surface management
Traffic alerts for pilots for airport operations
Traffic optimisation on single- and multiple-runway airports
Fully Dynamic and Optimised Airspace High-productivity controller team organisation
Trajectory Based Operations Enhanced safety nets
eFPL supporting SBT transition to RBT
Multimodal Mobility and integration of all Airspace Users Enhanced rotorcraft and GA operations in the TMA
Independent rotorcraft operations at airports
Optimised low-level IFR routes for rotorcraft