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Deployment Scenarios

Implementation Objectives

Code Title Related Elements
AOP01.2 Implement airside capacity enhancement method and best practices based on Eurocontrol capacity and efficiency implementation manual
AOP03 Improve runway safety by preventing runway incursions
AOP04.1 Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System A-SMGCS Surveillance Service (former ICAO Level 1)
AOP04.2 Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) Runway Monitoring and Conflict Alerting (RMCA) (Airport Safety Support Service = former ICAO Level 2)
AOP05 Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)
AOP08 Implement Airport Airside Capacity Planning Method
AOP09 Implement Optimised Dependent Parallel Operations
AOP10 Time-Based Separation
AOP11 Initial Airport Operations Plan
AOP12 Improve Runway and Airfield Safety with Conflicting ATC Clearances (CATC) Detection and Conformance Monitoring Alerts for Controllers (CMAC)
AOP13 Automated Assistance to Controller for Surface Movement Planning and Routing
AOP14.1 Remote Tower Services
AOP15 Enhanced traffic situational awareness and airport safety nets for the vehicle drivers
AOP16 Guidance assistance through airfield ground lighting
AOP17 Provision/integration of departure planning information to NMOC
AOP18 Runway Status Lights (RWSL)
ATC19 AMAN/DMAN Integration
COM10 Migrate from AFTN to AMHS
COM11.2 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in Airport/Terminal
COM12 New Pan-European Network Service (NewPENS)
ENV01 Continuous Descent Operations (CDO)
ENV02 Airport Collaborative Environmental Management
ENV03 Continuous Climb Operations (CCO)
FCM01 Implement enhanced tactical flow management services
FCM03 Collaborative Flight Planning
FCM05 Interactive Rolling NOP
FCM08 Extended Flight Plan
INF04 Implement integrated briefing
INF07 Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD)
INF08.1 Information Exchanges using the SWIM Yellow TI Profile
INF08.2 Information Exchanges using the SWIM Blue TI Profile
INF09 Digital Integrated Briefing
ITY-ACID Aircraft Identification
ITY-ADQ Ensure Quality of Aeronautical Data and Aeronautical Information
ITY-AGVCS2 8,33 kHz Air-Ground Voice Channel Spacing below FL195
ITY-FMTP Common Flight Message Transfer Protocol (FMTP)
ITY-SPI Surveillance Performance and Interoperability
NAV10 RNP Approach Procedures to instrument RWY
NAV11 Implement precision approach procedures using GBAS CAT II/III based on GPS L1